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Weddings are highly anticipated, joyous family occasions.   Many brides have that special moment of their dad walking them down the aisle; the kiss on the cheek as he turns his little girl over to her groom.  But what happens when your dad has passed? Or you mom who was always there, isn't? Your dream wedding changes. 

Sisu Beads has been incredibly honored to be part of these special weddings; where the love from beyond brightly beams.  The emotion felt with a tangible Sisu Bead to hold, honor and love is best described by our beautiful brides...


 Alicia sharing wedding with dad

The feeling and experience I felt on my wedding day is really hard to put into words. Every time I talk about it or try to explain it I get goose bumps and start crying in a good way. On my wedding day I felt my dad’s presence for the first time in a long time. My wedding day was perfect because my dad walked me down the aisle. Thank you Sisu Beads.     ~Alicia







When you imagine your wedding you imagine a picture perfect day with all your loved ones surrounding you. A special thank you to Sisu Beads that allowed me to carry my biological father close to my heart on my special day. Due to his passing years ago, I never had the privilege of meeting him.  However, I am a true reflection of who he was physically and spiritually. My biological grandmother and I both share the same reflection of my father and discovered that Sisu Beads gave us our missing link. I now think of him in my thoughts and carry him in and on my heart for as long as I live. I can not describe the completeness I felt on that day knowing he wasn't missing his daughter walking down the aisle.    ~Liz




Merri wedding memorial bead


As we are planning our ceremony, we've been coming up with different ways to have Merri (Jennifer's mom) present.  And I can't wait to give Jen this necklace before our wedding.  Although I never got the chance to meet Merri, she was an incredible woman who was a wonderful mother and best friend to Jennifer.   ~Chris


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