About Sisu Beads

We would like to express our deepest sympathy for your loss. We hope as time passes, your smiles will outnumber your tears as your loved one’s spirit remains with you. When our amazing friend Michelle passed, we desired a secure, discreet way to honor her and keep her with us. We designed Sisu Beads memorial jewelry as a tangible way to stay connected. Every Sisu Bead is hand sculpted with love. The cremation ashes are hand mixed with the glaze and fired into the bead. Each piece of memorial jewelry is hand sculpted to celebrate your loved one. We are happy to play a special song as a tribute to your loved one as we create your special piece.  

Our designs accommodate cremation ash, aquamation ash, fur, hair, dried flower petals, sand and fabric snips. 

Sisu Beads memorial jewelry is durable and water proof. The cremation ash (cremains) are hand mixed with the glaze and fired into the ceramic bead. This process insures the cremains will be secure and protected. Unlike traditional urn jewelry, there is nothing for you to fill, and no way for the ash to escape. Only a small amount of cremation ash is needed for each piece of cremation jewelry.

Hold ~ Honor ~ Love