What if I don't have any ash?

What if I don't have any ash?

21st May 2024

Is ash the only material I can use to have a bead made for a necklace or bracelet?

I have made many meaningful and beautiful pieces using ashes, hair, fur, sand and clippings from clothing. Sometimes a piece is ordered solely for the meaning behind the color.

After many generations a family home was being sold. Beads were made for each family member so they could carry a piece of their home, their history. Each bead contained soil from their favorite part of the property.


Nearly 40 beads were ordered for a celebration of life. Each person was given a bead made more in the shape of a river rock. Each "rock" was then tossed into a lake on that person's property. There was no ash, these were made to enhance the meaning of their ceremony.

I am always happy to help with a creative process. I am the artist, I hand make each piece. If you have a special request, I would love to work on it with you.

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