How do you make cremation jewelry?

How do you make cremation jewelry?

Published by Sisu Beads on 26th Jan 2020

Keeping cremains safe and secure is the most important design element for Sisu Beads cremation jewelry. Other important elements are for the beads to be durable, waterproof and discreet.

I hand make each piece of cremation jewelry. The cremation ash is joined with the beads and keepsakes at its inception. There is no hole or screw like traditional urn jewelry. No spills, no worry.


Sisu Beads are ceramic and the cremation ash is kiln fired into the bead. I use my trusted SKUTT kiln, their touchscreen is so intuitive and makes my life a little easier. I find the beads most durable with a medium firing temperature. 

I am expanding my creativity by making new pieces unrelated to cremation jewelry. I am learning methods of working with clay and different glazing techniques. It is fun bringing the new skills back to my beads. Experimenting with glazes and finding a lot of variation in color. I have cracked the code on what I like and can reproduce it almost every single time.

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