Why Memorial Jewelry

Merriam-Webster defines jewelry as:  “decorative objects (such as rings, necklaces, and earrings) that people wear on their body.”  Wikipedia states:   “Jewelry is a form of personal adornment … it has no other purpose than to look appealing.”

Off the cuff, I’d say I’m not a “jewelry person.”  I don’t think of accessories when I pick out what I’m going to wear for the day.    So, why would I start a memorial jewelry business?  Memorial jewelry does not fit the traditional definitions of jewelry.  The main purpose is not decorative.

Memorial jewelry is personal.  It is comfort for the person wearing the jewelry.  And a tribute to whom it was made from.   When I had my first Sisu memorial bead made, I thought it would be calming.   I have found memorial jewelry to be that and so much more.  It is full of passion and inspiration.  The one thing every Sisu Bead has in common, whether the cremains are from a pet or person, is love.   These loved ones have made such a huge impact, they have continued to inspire, motivate, and comfort even after their death.

The Sisu Bead not only adorns the person physically.   While Sisu Bead memorial jewelry is exquisite and gorgeous, it is the soul that is most adorned.  That is where the true beauty exudes.  Wearing my Sisu Beads, I feel energy.  It makes me stronger, more confident, more determined, and happier.

And in the end of it, I am a Sisu Beads jewelry person.  So while others look at my “jewelry” as beautiful, fashionable adornments.  I know I am truly and fully adorned.  I am adorned with not only fashion; but with the love, beauty and passion of my loved one.

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